Kate & Aaron | Uluru Camel Farm Wedding

Uluru Camel Farm Wedding

– Kate & Aaron –


Kate and Aaron met at the gym where Kate was training as a cheerleader and Aaron was still a gymnast. In his words “Kate was a babe and I had to get to know her. The rest is history!”. They have had many adventures in their 10 years together; they’ve visited every continent, drunk every alcohol! And competed on the world stage together. Aaron once mentioned he would love a desert wedding and Kate remembered because, right after Aaron proposed, she suggested they marry at Uluru – just the best desert location in Australia! It was an incredible day, starting off with the boys arriving to the ceremony dune on quads, however… Kate and her girls arrived in a chopper so, that competitive streak between them is clearly still going strong!


After their ceremony, their reception at the Uluru Camel Farm kicked off, starting with a camel train entrance for the bridal party, an incredible choregraphed dance, and a night of much fun and laughter that followed!




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