Approx. Session Start Times


For the golden, glowy light you see in my portfolio, sessions are generally scheduled to conclude at sunset. The time we start is location specific – some locations are best at sunset or even dusk, others we can start much earlier in the afternoon. I have a location guide with all my favourite spots to choose from, and what time of day is best for each of them. You’ll have access to this once you book in.


So that you can plan in advance, here is a handy  guide of approximate session start times, based on the time of year. Worried your kids won’t be in the best mood for photos late in the day? That’s totally OK! Just let me know when you book that you’re after an earlier session time and I can recommend locations where we can shoot up to an hour earlier than the suggested times below.

Book Your Session


It’s easy to book your portrait session! Choose from available dates, make payment of the session fee (50% of the total) and choose the perfect location in the next step. Questions? Check out the FAQ


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