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Family Portraits


Family portraits are so important – but so many people are nervous to have them done. Perhaps you don’t like being in photos, or feel like you’re kids won’t behave, maybe you’re just worried the photos won’t look good! These are common concerns and I totally get it! Existing in photos is so important for you to enjoy now, and for your kids and their kids to enjoy in the future. Time goes by so fast and memories fade, but a beautiful photograph of your child or loved one remains with us forever and reminds us of their personalities, emotions and their character.


My sessions are simple and relaxed, focusing on your connections with each other in a way that is natural and fun. I’ll guide you the entire time on what to do and how to interact with each other that creates those beautiful moments like the ones you see in my portfolio. Worried you’re kids / pets / other half won’t behave?! Don’t worry! Not all the images I take are the “ideal” posed photo, sitting pretty looking straight at the camera. I want to capture your uniqueness, your personalities and each person’s real character.


I shoot outdoors in stunning scenic locations. Sessions are always timed to conclude at sunset for the best natural light.


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