Megafauna Central

Megafauna Central

Design Community



Megafauna Central is located on Todd Street Mall in the heart of Alice Springs. The exhibition showcases the amazing collection of eight-million-year-old fossils painstakingly collected by palaeontologists at Alcoota Station in Central Australia.

Design Community created this spectacular exhibition with the challenge of striking a balance between the huge skeletons and the small fossils. Four life sized Megafauna specimens take up the bulk of the space, however they are not all displayed at once, they are placed in a way to create a sense of exploration and discovery when entering the gallery. There are glimpses, but not a full reveal: Dromornis stirtoni peers at you over the top of a wall; turn a corner and be confronted by the fearsome Baru. The visitor is on a journey through Alcoota and its treasures. The exhibition is also bilingual, so each theme panel contains a push button that triggers an audio translation into Arrernte.

Megafauna Central is an absorbing, exciting exhibition experience that punches well above its weight in style, story and suspense. It was wonderful to photograph and features on Design Community’s website.



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