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Alice Springs Expeditions | Promotional Images


“I chose Lisa as I had seen a lot of her work on social media. My company needed some spectacular landscape images to promote some lesser known destinations for my touring business. The scope was to provide ‘wow’ images that while they feature places people may have not recognised, they were compelled to want to visit. Lisa well and truely met these expectations and delivered on the scope.

The one attribute that stands out above all others in Lisa’s work is her ability to capture that magical light that you get in Central Australia that lights up the landscape” – John Stafford, Alice Springs Expedition



For this start-up company, the brief was to capture a rang of hero shots for marketing. The shots needed to showcase the regions visited, to attract customers to come and visit some lesser known areas of Central Australia. I also need to obtain images of the tour in progress, company staff, catering and general landscape images.


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